The List Of Signs Which Can Warn Women About Cancer

Cancer Signs

Even healthy and young women can get cancer. The thing is that very often the symptoms can not be noticed in time. They seem to be trifling matters which are not worth medical examination. The number of women who are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer shocks. That is why if your body changes in some way and it seems to be not normal you should visit a doctor to check whether everything is alright.

The possible threats may look like this:

  1. Abnormal uterine bleeding between period. And it does not matter when it is going on before or after your menopause. Such a symptom must be taken into consideration immediately.
  2. Sudden weight loss without any obvious reason for that. If your daily shedule, diet, lifestyle do not change, but you become thinner and thinner it may be dangerous.
  3. Bloody vaginal discharge with odor and bloody hue is not only a sign of some infection. Quite often it can warn about early stage of certain types of cancer namely cervical or endometrial one.
  4. Fatigue which may seem to be endless. Surely everybody can be tired of daily routine, difficulties at work, stresses etc. But if this bothers you all the time and continues even after having a rest it is highly recommended to go to hospital to solve this problem.
  5. Cancer is also characterised with the appetite changes which vary from full appetite loss to eating smaller meals.
  6. Unreasonable leg swelling and pain also may be a warning of cervical cancer. Frankly speaking, it occurs not often, but it is better to define what is the cause of the given health problem.
  7. Abdominal pain which lasts long and often disturbs in different ways can be a sign of ovarian cancer. At the same time pressure can warn about endometrial one.
  8. Bloated stomach is also the sign which can not be ignored especially for a long period of time. It may be one of the ovarian cancer symptoms.
  9. Frequent urination which is caused by permanent pressure on the bladder also can be the signal. It is normal for those who drink a lot of liquids per day or for women who are expecting a child. But if the bladder pain is the typical condition in this situation do not postone seeing your doctor.
  10. If indigestion or nausea disturbs you quite often you should be examined as well.

Do not be afraid if one or two above-mentioned sympotms are familiar to you. Everybody may face with them, it is quite normal sometimes. But remember that they may last no longer than two weeks. In other case see your doctor as soon as it is possible in order to stay healthy.

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